New Release: Play of Light

You are a timeless wanderer. A lone figure unencumbered by gravity, you set out to explore the stars and uncover the constellations.

Using a grappling hook made of light launch and swing from any surface into the night sky.

While the goal is to light the stars and complete the constellations, it's meant to be explored at your own pace.

You can light-grapple to any solid surface: ground, rocks, mountains, stars in the sky and far beyond. You can go anywhere. Each star you touch brings more light to the world.

Find your own path when you play with light.

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(The original soundtrack by GOTHRA comes with every copy of the game!)

About the Inukshuk

For centuries the Inukshuk has been used by Arctic peoples to navigate the stark landscape. The Inukshuk, meaning “acting on behalf of a person”, stands in vigil across the vast tracts of desolate Arctic. A sculpture of piled stone, the markers are used by hunters to communicate with one another, either to provide direction, or indicate a good hunting location. The form that is most familiar to Canadians is that shaped with two arms, two legs and a head, known as Inunnguaq. It is this particular marker that signals to travellers, “someone was here”.

A lonely figure that marks a point in time, standing vigil as the Aurora Borealis dances overhead. We wondered what secrets this Inunnguaq held, and what enchantment it experienced when the souls of the ancients were the only thing to keep it company. It is with great respect to the Northern Peoples that we chose the Inunnguaq to embody the magic of Play of Light.