• Exploring Interactivity

    We at Cat Amuck Studios aim for quality and humour in our work. Each project has its own quirky style.

    Whatever form one of our projects takes we want you to have as much fun interacting with it as we had creating it.

    We use our eclectic background of music, art, writing, game design and programming to explore and play with our imaginations.

    Our group is nomadic with bohemian tendencies. We have been known to hide out in a cabin in Ontario Cottage Country, where our biggest challenge is a reliable Internet connection.

  • Games

    We have a growing list of talented freelance friends who we highly recommend:

    Adam Raley, Sound Design
    Paolo Amati, Music Design
    Susan Wolcott, Animator
    Jim Caputo (www.GroggyDog.com) Artist & Illustrator
    Ryan Andrews, Illustrator
    James Marshall, Cinematographer
    Peter Hajdu, Film & TV Director
    Nigel Jewinski, Musician
    Paul Pritchard, Musician

  • Novels

    Madeleine Hart, author of “Intergalactic Gazette” hates writing biographies. When (repeatedly) asked to, she generally wanders off in a nattering blab about taking the dog out, cooking vegetarian or tripping over Sir Rumpole, the cat. Madeleine is currently at work on three other novels (we’re not sure how she keeps it all straight). Her desk is tidy; her mind is not.

  • Press Kit and Contact Info

    Screenshots and press release about Play of Light and Cat Amuck Studios available here in the press kit.

    Play of Light trailer video.

    Play of Light gameplay videos.

    If you're not a bot, please feel free to reach us on our gmail.com account "CatAmuck".

    If you are a bot, contact us some other way.

  • We recommend

    1. Beyond: Two Souls
    2. Uncharted series
    3. Alan Wake
    4. Heavy Rain
    5. Limbo
    6. World of Warcraft
    7. Remember Me
    8. Cut The Rope
    9. The Path
    10. Journey
    11. Flower