Orbital Motion

  • In the dark seas of space the constellation Cetus (the whale) is trapped within the powerful orbit of a black hole.

    Guide Cetus along the orbital rings to feed off of the swirls of stars and avoid the endless chain of debris.

    Speed and quick-thinking are the only way to survive. Consume enough stars to blast away the debris. Find rare stars to create a shield that temporarily absorbs damage.

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Not Quite 3D

  • Bend your mind across three dimensions.

    Tap to change perspectives, and swipe to move.

    Start your journey through this adventure-puzzler now.

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Scare Crows

  • A flock of thieving crows has stolen the farmer’s clothes. Use the blueprint checklist as your guide to find the items.

    Gather apples to build a fruit stand. Choose when to attract the crowd of crows with the fruit.

    Gather pumpkins to create a scarecrow. Choose when to scare most of them away.

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Play of Light

  • You are a timeless wanderer. A lone figure unencumbered by gravity, you set out to explore the stars and uncover the constellations.

    Using a grappling hook made of light the player launches and swings from any surface into the night sky.

    While the goal is to light the stars and complete the constellations, it's meant to be explored at your own pace.

    You can light-grapple to any solid surface: ground, rocks, mountains, stars in the sky and far beyond. You can go anywhere. Each star you touch brings more light to the world.

    Find your own path when you play with light.

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    About the Aurora

    'Aurora borealis', the lights of the northern hemisphere, means 'dawn of the north'.

    Collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun entering the earth's atmosphere ignite in a colourful display. Vibrant lights dance across the sky in both the north pole and the south.

    Some First Nations and Inuit peoples consider the lights to be spirits of their ancestors and wildlife.

Intergalactic Gazette

  • Intergalactic Gazette: It's funny. It's fiction. It's science-ish.

    Being the only printed newspaper in a galaxy of citizens who no longer read is hard enough, but when its only subscribers vanish it may be the end of the Gazette for good. Paper delivery boy Leon and journalist Dube Merrick will set out to investigate just as soon as they can stop getting into trouble.

    Download the book now from the Apple iTunes Bookstore. It can be read using iBooks on your Mac or iOS device.

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One Fell Swoop

  • Fly and swoop with the Malachite Kingfisher.

    The play space is the air and water. An endless flyer game with a unique photo art style and natural sound environment. Tap to plunge for minnows, tap to burst out of the water and catch dragonflies. Be sure to avoid the garbage!

    Check out the trailer:

Cow Tip-Foolery

  • To us it's tipping. To the cows it's a love nudge.

    Cow Tip-Foolery utilizes the Accelerometer in the iPhone and iPad to tip, tilt and wobble objects across 50 zany -- and yet pastoral -- levels. It all starts with the tip of one of our specially trained stunt cows! Manipulate animals and objects to help the farmer do his chores.

    It's like playing a Saturday morning cartoon!

    Customize your stunt cow's style and play through 50 levels of quirky farm hijinks to earn the satisfaction of helping the cows show the farmer their love.

    Check out the trailer: